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EMI Labrador Puppies: Trusted Website to Buy Labrador Puppy Online

Discover EMI Labrador Puppy: Where to Get Labrador for your home

EMI Labrador Puppy is a family of people related by passion for dogs. Our life’s work is helping dog fans find the best labradoodle pups for their homes. And in return, people see our hub as the center to get the best Labrador pups.

Our job involves training, grooming, and spending time with Labrador pups. And these are some of the things we cherish the most in the world.

We started on this path a long time ago. A dog fanatic himself, our founder is a professional whose fondness for Labs dates back to his childhood years.

He grew up to realize how special the Lab is – should Lab puppies be properly catered for before being waned off their mothers.

He took it upon himself to establish a center where dog lovers can get the best Labradors for their homes.

Today, EMI Labrador Puppy is proud to be among the Labrador Retrievers breeders with integrity and professionalism.

And our name pops up whenever people ask where to get Labrador in Canada or the US.

We make it our mission to provide the most beneficial circumstances for Lab pups that goes to our customers. Because we’ve realized that pup owners can only be happy if the pups had been properly groomed.

Wish to Buy Your Labrador Puppy

We can’t wait to be the origin of something amazing – leading to you beholding your very own labradoodle pup. Speak to us today about buying a Labrador puppy and let’s help you find the right choice for your home.

Why buy Labrador puppy online from EMI Labrador Puppy

- Accredited Labrador Dog Breeder

EMI Labrador Puppy collaborates with accredited dog breeders. We’re vocal about the eradication of puppy farming. And we’re always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that puppies are properly waned from the mother.

- Properly adjusted/ stable puppies

Our puppies are ripe enough to leave their mother’s gentle care. The age of our lab pups makes them fit to leave their mothers and enter into any warm and loving home. This is our secret for grooming healthy and calm pets for dog fans. And our pets are for whoever wishes to buy Labrador puppies in US and Canada.

- Adaptable/ sensitive/ affectionate puppies

EMI Labrador Puppy is recommended because we guarantee puppies that are affectionate and adaptable.

Our lab pup is ready to be a member of your home. And we promise that you’ll be proud to own one. This sensitive package of love comes in varying colors as well. We groom chocolate, brown and white Labrador puppies.

- Warranty on pups’ health

Our puppies have protection against diseases. They get vaccines from time to time. And enjoy the attention of vets who worm them and carry out general inspection on these pups.

Our measures keep your mind at ease against worries about severe health challenges in the future.

EMI Labrador Puppy gives you two years warranty on the generic health of our puppies.

- Care for pup’s safety before and during delivery

We deliver pups to customers in Canada and the US. But we do so in line with the provisions of the USDA pet shipping requirements. This means that we decline cargo shipment at all times.

Our Methods of Operation at
EMI Labrador Puppy

  • Testing of parents and ensuring satisfactory results
  • Periodic vet inspection and vaccination of our Lab pups
  • Feeding Lab pups with the best premium foods
  • Waning pups off their mother at the ripe age to nurture sensitive, intelligent, and affectionate pups
  • Providing lifetime assistance and support to clients on the welfare of their Lab pups
  • Two years warranty on the health of Lab pups

EMI Labrador Puppy: Our Services

Besides our primary focus of helping you get the best Lab pups for your home, our range of service include the following:

- Labrador Pups Training

We help commence your pup’s potty-training and get it ready to learn and obey daily instructions.

Some of these instructions include identifying and responding to dog’s name and responding to ‘stay’ , ‘sit’ , ‘wait’ , and ‘no’.

The training also involves daily care, feeding, accepting the collar and walking on a leash. It may last up to two weeks or more.

Dog lovers like to demand for this service because it saves them the time and the stress of personally training their pups from the scratch.

- Offering Duly Trained Labrador Retriever Dogs

We sell groomed and well-behaved Labs to those who desire to purchase dogs for emotional support needs or for therapy.

Our adult labs have been house trained. They are able to follow instructions and are ideal companions.

With them, you enjoy all the benefits of owning a Lab without enduring the pain that the Labrador pups come with.

We are always seeking new ways to put a smile on the faces of dog lovers. So expect us to introduce other services that will help us serve Lab owners in more ways.